Born in Taipei ,1971 ,Lin Chi-Wei is an intermedia artist who has received academic training in french literature, cultural anthropology as well as specializing in new media art (Fujen Catholic University,French Litterature dep. / TNUA,Graduate Institute of Traditional Art / Le Fresnoy,Studio National des Arts Comtemporains) He is a founding member of “Zero & Sound Liberation Organization”–the pioneering group of noise experiments in Taiwan, and the one who resiponsible for the 90s taipei alternative art venues“Sickly Sweet Cafe”and festivals ( Industrial Arts festival /Taiwan International Electronic Music Phenomena). Lin is current researcher fellow in CAA, School of Intermedia Art.    In 2012 he published his first book’Beyond Sound Art: The Avant Garde, Sound Machine and the Modernity of Hearing’, in which he analyzes the aesthetic condition of sound and art in a post-colonial east asian context.

Lin’s art work has been showed in Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Shanghai Biennale,New York Electronic Art Festival,GRAME Lyon,Shenzheng Architecture Biennale,Han Art TZ gallery . And his performance art pieces were shown in Tate Modern Museum,Venice Biennale, La Nuit Blanche. While his“synchronisation models”were played in primary schools,private residences,local communities ,factories,temples,churchs,folk music groups ,bars and live houses.

Since the early 1990s, Lin has been exploring the realms of folk culture , his experiences in the field research on the subject of taiwanese shamanism and taoist rituals encourged him to developpe a critical point of view toward comtemporary cultures, Notably he doubts the representive models and the total absence of nature in modern contexts. He pursued this subject along the years and started to developpe the“weak”human synchronisation models with sound poetry since 2004 (Tape Music / Cellular Automata / Meta-Cyber Music / Balloon Music,etc) ,within the folk ceremony in mind, Lin image a kind of culture model that can be apply to different context beyond the western high culture constraints.

1971 Born in Taipei
1989 Bachelor study of French Literature
1992 Member of “Zero and Sound Liberation Organization” (1992-2000)
1993 Programmer for “Sickly Sweet Cafe”
1995 Programmer for Taipei Broken Life Festival
1994 Master study of Cultural Anthropology on the issue of Temple archetecture,
Taoism ritual and music (NIA)
2000 Media Art Study in Studio National des Arts Contemporains (Le-Fresnoy)
2003 Research project “100 years of sound art”
2010 Invited professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
2012 Release of the Book “Beyond Sound Art, Avantguard, Sound Machine and Modernity of listening (click for further imfor)

Z.S.L.O. Discography

1993 Z.S.L.O.Om-manis-padni-Hum,CD compilation(Sound factory)
1994 Z.S.L.O.Debut(Noise)
1994 Z.S.L.O.1.2,cassettes(Vis-A-Vis Audio Art)
1994 Z.S.L.O.Sadness being underground,VHS,Video works compilation(Noise)
1995 Z.S.L.O.Blue,An Asian tribute to Derek Jarmen,CD compilation(Sommnus Record)
1997 Z.S.L.O.A bride of Sevenless,CD compilation (Auscultaire)

Personal Discography

2002 Erotische Reise nach Westen,CD album (Le Fresnoy)
2004 Bias04,CD Compilation (Etat Alternative)
2005 The Lake,CD Compilation (The Lake)
2009 An Anthrology to chinese electronic music (1992-2008),CD Compilation (Subrosa)

Video Works

1993 Dog-man-Eat/experimental(55min) 1995 K2/experimental(23min)
1997 Vidéo Brut/experimental(15min)
2001 La jouissance obscene d’une Machine Parlante/experimental(7min)
2002 A Slow Anthropological Research on taiwanese old films /experimental(13min)
2007 Sound Intestins/documentary(18min)
2009 Shenzhen,social measurement through sound/installation (15min)

Group Expositions (Expo,Category,Space,City)

1992 Zao-ai-sun-chen,Fujen University Gallery(painting),Taipei
1993 Miniature Arts,Elite Gallery (painting),Taipei
1995 Technology Arts festival,National Institute of the Arts(video art),Taipei
1996 Taipei Art Fair,Taipei world trade center (video art),Taipei
1997 Surprise Film Festival,Sogo(Video Installation),Taichung
2000 Hong Kong-Berlin,Haus der Kultur der welt(video art),Berlin
2001 Panorama2,Le Fresnoy(video installation),Tourcoing
2002 .WAV(capital culturel d’europe2002)minnewater park(sound Environment),Brugge
2002 Panorama3,Le Fresnoy(film/electronic music),Tourcoing
2003 Container Arts Festival,the star of sea(Sound-Light installation),Kaoshung
2004 Reading Labyrinth,Elite Bookstore(sound installation),Taipei
2004 Sweetest Taboo film festival(video),Leuven
2004 Radio MOCA,Museum of comtemporary art(sound installation),Taipei
2005 La Tour Eiffel n’a jamais ete aussi belle,Galerie Frederic Giroux (documentary of installation in minnewater park),Paris
2006 Tape Actions,Nitrianska Gallery(Video arts),Nitra
2006 Altered State,Taipei Fine Arts Museum(Installation),Taipei
2007 Vision and Beyond,Kaoshung Fine Arts Museum(Sound installation),Kaoshung
2007 Life/Live,Cite International des Arts(Mix Media),Paris
2007 Vision and Beyond,National Taiwan Museum of contemporary arts (Sound installation),Taichung
2007 Make it Louder 2007,Beijing SOHO(Sound Environment),Beijing
2007 Then The Silence Increased ,Chapman Gallery (Documentaries) Manchester
2007 Yi-Zai-Yen-Wai,Beijing SOCA gallery (Video installation),Beijing
2008 SoundField, Sugar Jar (Video),Beijing
2009 Unsealed Files ,VT Artsalon (Painting),Taipei
2009 SWEETIES, IT Park (Painting),Taipei
2009 taiwan.doc, ENSBA gallery(Documentations),Paris
2009 Shenzhen-Hongkong Biennale(SZHKB), Shenzhen city hall (Video Installation),Shenzhen
2010.People-Sights, Museum of Medical Humanities(Documentations),Taipei
2012.Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum(Installation),Shanghai
2012.ThaiTai-a measure of understanding,BACC,(Documentations),Bangkok
2013.Auditions: Sound Residency, KHOJ(Documentations),Delhi
2013.New York Electronic Art Festival – Lost in the Labyrinth: Sound Art in China(Videos),Harvestworks,New York
2013.WestBund Biennial,WestBund(Videos),Shanghai
2013.Shamans and Dissent,Han’s Art Gallery(Paintings),HongKong
2015.The Testimony of Food: Ideas and Food ,Taipei Fine Art Museum (Paintings),Taipei
2015.Body Art Stories – Marina Abramovic & the Others,Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (Documentations),Kaohsiung
2015.REWIND_ Video Art in Taiwan 1983-1999,Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Videos),Taipei
2015.Alice’s Rabbit Hole –Everyday Life, Comprehensible and Incomprehensible,Taipei Fine Art Museum (Installation),Taipei

2017.Guetteurs – Focus France-Taïwan ,Ensba(Installation) ,Lyon


Solo Expositions (Expo,Category,Space,City)

2006 Solo Expo-Karma in Pause Mode,Chiwen Gallery,Taipei
2008 Linchiwei’s Solo Exposition: Puli Sound Measurements, Ji-Nan University (Installation), Puli
2014.Tape Music (2004-2013),IT Park Gallery(Documentations/Tapes),Taipei
2016.Rotating Binary Forces,Hanart TZ Gallery(Paintings/Collages/Tapes),Hongkong

Z.S.L.O. Selected Performances (Title,space,category,city)

1992 Sleep with yourself,Fu-Jen university(theatre),Taipei
1993 (Z.S.L.O.)Sweet your corrupting corps(Noise-Action)Sickly Sweet Café
1994 (Z.S.L.O.)Murmurs under hurricane (Noise-Action) Department 2-Taipei
1995 (Z.S.L.O.)Taipei Industrial Arts festival(performance),Taipei

Performances (Festival,Space,City)

2000 La domestication des auteurs du bruit,Café Neruda,Taipei
2000 Café Neruda,Taipei
2001 Sera puni,Glashaus,Karlsruhe
2002 38eme Ruigissant,Grand Angle Voiron,Grenoble
2002 Taipei Electronic Arts Phenomena,Hwua-shan Art distinct,Taipei
2003 Chants Mecaniques(Capital culturel d’europe),Metalic,Lille
2003 PROBE,Casino,Rotterdam
2004 Taipei Sonar-International Festival of Art+Technology,Redhouse theater,Taipei
2004 Technology Music concert,N.U.U.Cinema,Miaoli
2004 Nuit Blanche,cite universitaire,Paris
2005 TIPAF,Taipei artist village,Taipei
2005 TIPAF,Police station theatre,Taipei
2005 Sarah Kane,white water theatre,Taipei
2006 Dashanzi International Festival of the Arts 2006,Beijing
2007 Antenna,Les Voutes,Paris
2007 Konsthall C,Stockholm
2007 Our Voices,Fringe Club,Hongkong
2007 Cite International des Arts,Paris
2007 Make it Louder07,Private House,Beijing
2007 Sui-Yuan Primary school,Taipei
2007 Puli sound mesurements,Puli
2008 Sugar Jar,Beiging
2008 Zendai Museum of Modern Art,Shanghai
2008 Shanghai Asahi culture & business training center,Shanghai
2008 “Fractional Lot”,Taipei
2008 809 International New Image Art Festival, 809 artist residency,Yi-Chang
2008 Sound Intestines ,Changsha performance art Festival,Changsha
2008 Changsha performance art Festival,freedom house,Changsha
2008 Enlighting ceremony,wan-so temple,Changchun
2008 Up-On International Live Arts Festival,Nonyuen,ChengDu
2008 Dadao Live Art Festival,Cube Space,Shanghai
2008 Memorial site of wang-Chuang,Ju-Jia-Ko
2008 Dadao Live Art Festival,Rain Gallery,Beijing
2008 WK145,2 Kollegas,Beijing
2008 Plaza Performance Art Open Expo,Shaopu plaza,SongZhuang
2008 Poetry Actions,Wk147,2 Kollegas,Beijing
2008 Burning the Guqin Cooking the Crane,Pen-HaoTheatre,Beijing
2009 China Avant-Guard Music Festival,D22,Beijing
2009 Shenzhen biennale,Shenzhen
2010 TIPAF,Gu-Ling St. Avant-Guard Theatre, Taipei
2010 TIPAF, Kaoshung Normal University ,Kaoshung
2011 THTP,Taoyuan
2011 Caa,Hangzhou
2011 Venice Biennale,Taiwan pavillon,Venice
2011 Quite Cue,Staalplaat,Berlin
2012 Inside/outside: materialising the social,Tate Modern,London
2012 Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum,Shanghai
2012 Asiatopia,BACC,Bangkok
2012 ThaiTai,OCAC,Bangkok
2012 ThaiTai,BACC,Bangkok
2013 Auditions,KHOJ,Delhi
2013 (con)temporary space-time TAIWAN/BERLIN,Berlin
2013 IntoAsia,Residence Unlimited,NewYork
2014 Tape Music,2003-2014,Etude 7 Tones (Premiere),IT Park Gallery,Taipei
2015 Musarc folk meet on a midsummer day until dusk ,Tape for Musarc (Premiere), Round Chapel ,London
2015 On Site Artfest,Sequencer Music1 (Premiere),Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei
2015 LSF99,Sequencer Music2 (Premiere), Yiri Arts,Taipei
2015 Musarc folk meet on a midsummer day until dusk ,Tape for Musarc (Premiere), Round Chapel ,London
2016 Music for 6 singers (Premiere), French ambassador residence,Taipei
2016 Musarc folk meet on a midsummer day until dusk II ,The Old Truman Brewery,London
2016 Wysing Polyphonic, Musarc play “Tape for Musarc” , Wysing Art Center,Cambridge


Music for theatre (Title,space,category,city)

1993 Dance with Bryan,Sickly Sweet cafe (Music for dance theatre),Taipei
2001 SLAK,Gallerie public (Music for theatre),Paris
2001 Edith Room,Le Fresnoy (Music for real-time Film),Tourcoing
2005 A Solider’s Pay,National Theatre (Music for theatre),Taipei


2012 Beyond Sound Art – The Avant Garde, Sound Machines, and the Modernity of Hearing (Click for further imfor)
Artist Publishing Co,352p,520000 words,classic chinese

2013 The Body as Stake -Experiments in Chinese Contemporary Art and Theatre. Jörg Huber, Zhao Chuan (eds.) , transcript Verlag ,278P , english
“Edges of modernist framework and beyond: The life work of Hsieh Tehching,Hsieh Ying-Chun,Wu Chong-Wei,Graffitist Huang,
Dino ,and Tsai Show Zoo”