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2006.The Last Strike of Lin-Chi-wei’s noise House

The Last Strike of Lin-Chi-Wei’s Noise House / 2006
Space:Altered State-Taipei Fine Art Museum / Taipei
Time: 8,July-3,sep,2006
Installation by Lin-Chi-Wei and Jupiter Xu(C)

The desolation that curator Ms Amy Huei Hua Cheng holds for the forgotten Student Revolt of Taiwan (1990) initiates this project…..Parallel to the Manifestations in Tien-An-Men in Mainland China,the Collective memory of student mouvement during this periode is systematically erased due to political reasons, Ms Amy Huei Hua Cheng’s proposal for the exhibition Altered State pushed Artist Lin-Chi-Wei to unearth the documents in his own room , with the focus on the underground culture of Taipei in the 90s, Lin-Chi-Wei’s work is self-restrained to the statement(Manifestation?) writing (see Below).The Participating artist Xu-Ya-Zhu plans the scheme of this exhibition, and selects historical documents from the heritage trash.She is responsible of the exhibition format, text, design and artistic direction.This exposition is a strike on the post-colonisation state in Taiwan that people get brain washed by local medias,Local memory is systematically erased then replaced with nationalist narrative and different western views.

The Audience are invited to bid the whole room collections at the starting bid zero during the exposition ,except for the objects that Lin-Chi-Wei doesn’t possess the author right.The Room is sold to Charlottetsai (Virtual name on eBay ) for the price of 1034 NT at 19,Sep,2006.
Bid the whole exposition on eBay

The Last Strike of Lin-Chi-Wei’s Noise House

The phantom. Refused by its motherland, the doomed phantom from the 90s still wonders around into another dark night of Taipei. It is about to lose its last shelter; its past is eliminated, fading in frozen time. Lin-Chi-Wei’s Noise House is now roaring its ultimate final strike—your attention is requested at this crucial twist of time!

Apartment No. 2 is gone. ROXY, Sickly Sweet Café and all the Cabaret Voltaire in Taipei are gone. Yet the “Noise House” located in Lin-Chi-Wei’s previous home in Xin-Shen South Road mysteriously and miraculously survives. The aura and the mise en scène concealed in this room remain as how they ever were as if not counting any movement of time.

Since the Student Revolt [of Taiwan] in 1989, the room had been the secret working base, the storage and the meeting venue for underground events of “Zero and Sound Liberation Organization”, “Sickly Sweetly Café”, “Broken Life Festival” and etc. All kinds of destroying schemes were produced on its used-to-be busy desk, equipments and documents of various events and terrorist actions were stored and filed in its cabinets, and the bed was once served as a temporary home to many visiting international noise artists. The room was finally closed down in 1998 when Lin-Chi-Wei started his military service after a decade’s operation, and it was locked out from the public ever since.

Another nine years have passed, and the “Noise House” reopens its door. Nevertheless, everything has not been the same except this room: the “Noise House” becomes a lonely phantom without a home. The most horrifying fact is that the blood that shed in the battlefield of the 90s could be traced no more, and the land is now clean, hardened and infertile—ready for a shopping mall construction.

Consequently, the small door of the “Noise House” voicelessly begins to lacerate, extend and expand the room itself. Not until the determining moment in July 8 will all of its viscera and veins of the era of the 90s be thrown out, the cut wound stretching outward as an enormous plastic bag turning inside out. The present status of reality will come to wrap the room instead; every private possession of Lin-Chi-Wei’s Noise House will be re-located in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Almost in an arrogant manner, it yells for its last strike: the emptied room will be auctioned on eBay at the starting bid zero. When this strike ends in September 3, the “Noise House” once owned by Lin-Chi-Wei will then be terminated. The phantom of the “Noise House” will either start its incarnation in the afterlife, or march with the ghost ally in deadly silence.

Is the “Noise House” with its passé glory
Going to rewrite the grass-root avant-garde art history of Taiwan,
Or to be discarded as a corner of debris under the Muzha dump (a garbage mountain of Taipei)?

Please Note: your attention or ignorance, your affectionate bidding action or aversion will rewrite history. Hereby the “Noise House” states the significance of itself again: this is the first time in history that you could take part in the narrative of Taiwanese avant-garde art history, and you could even own it as your private property—there will have no ground ahead beyond this final act!

The Last Strike of Lin-Chi-Wei’s Noise House it is.

(Translated by Esther Lu)

Room of noise (original)

Room of noise (in the museum)

Room of Noise (after the vernissage)

Exposition Map (uncomplete):

A.entrance cabinet1
B.entrance cabinet2
C.end cabinet
D.sight seeing terrasse
E.exit cabinet1
F.exit cabinet2

A:Collections in entrance cabinet1:

*The poster /Sickly Sweet review covers/flyer

*Z.S.L.O debute CD /CD cover /instrument (hammer)

*Microphones of Z.S.L.O. in 90s
*Performance Assesories

*Mini synthesizer
*Performance Assesories
Self-Made instrument with an old box dated from taiwan’s japanese era,bought from the flea market Jin-Hwa.

*ZSLO Radio for Short Wave intefere
A short wave radio is decomposed for unusual connection,in order to create strange sounds,it was also used live as the main source intefered by a function generator.
*Z.S.L.O. Primitive Surround
The Black Sound turning-box with 4 indivisual speakers corresponded to 4 micros which transmitted the sound signals to 4 PA speakers surrounded the audience,thus when performer turn the box,turning sound can be heard.(see the illustration)Fabricated by Liu Shin-Yi

B.collections in entrance cabinet2
*Flyer for mobilizing students to occupy the Chang-Kai-Shek Memorial Hall again
Author unknown

*A Court Verdict
Author: Shih Lin Branch, Taiwan Taipei District Court
The members from the Film Club of Taiwan University had decided to find a whole human corps as the main work for the exhibition “Whatever Life”. Due to the difficulties of human body acquisiton, preservation and display, they turned to find human skeleton instead。Collection of Jin Jia-Hwa

*Execute the Pianists: 1992 LTK Manifestation
Author: L.T.K.Commune
Agony Report

*Watch How the Capitalist Trashes Burn.
Author: Ho Yi-Yen

*Notation of Music Box 1(P2)
Author: DINO

*The Tentative Constitution of Underground Music Production
SicklySweet Review- Fujen University Version
Author: Lin Chi-Wei, Dan Tang-Mo

E.collections in exit cabinet1



*Theatro Satanico
Author :Theatro Satanico

*Original Flyer Design of 95’ Broken-Life Festival
Design: Wu Chong-Wei

*Booklet of 95’ Broken-Life Festival
Design: Wu Chong-Wei, Wang Te-Yu

*Embankment Calling (Flyer of “94’ Broken-Life Festival”)
Design: Wu Chong-Wei, etc.

*DIONYSIUS Is Not Dead but Becoming Brutal (Report on 94’ Broken-Life Festival)
POTS Weekly

*Modernism in Taiwan

*Chan-Wei-Shen and The Taiwanese Anarchists Mouvement during Japanese-occupation
Master Degree Report
Author :Lin-Chi-Wei

*Taipei Journal Remix
Hong Kong Indies Newsletter
Author: Ansen Mak




*Video Selective of “DOG-MAN-EAT”
Action: Chong-Wei Wu, Hwang Reng-May
Camera: Lin Chi-Wei
Assistant: Jin Jia-Hwa, Zho Ching-Yo

*Video Selective of ZSLO performance “Action1-99”
Performance: Z.S.L.O. DaBien, Chen Jia-Ru


疆界/Altered States official site

Selected audiences’ feedbacks on the BLOGs!F0ADE95F75338E4A!979.entry