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2009.Social Measurement through Sound – Shenzhen

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photo:Xiao-Xi Sun

Click here “see video of the installation

Social Measurement through Sound :Shenzhen 2009

2009 Shenzhen Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture
Venue:Shenzhen city hall
Time:6.Dec.09 ~ 23.Dec.10
6 channel video installation
Imformation on line :

Introduction :
Social Measurement through Sound – Shenzhen project invited 6 local music groups to participate.In the measurement session, a long “Tape” with written phonetic caracters is transmitted through the audiences without any given instruction, participants are forced to react to the long tape on their instinct,when most of the audience starts to read it (as it is in most of the cases), then an ever evolving mass of harmonic sound is formed in several minuites,it’s unique rhythm,speed and tonal expression are synthesized both by personal interpretation and collective interactions.

Social Measurement :
When Tape Music is tested in different communities ; space, time, the specific gathering of people, each elements resonate with all it’s own acoustic and psychological quality, demonstrates their proper existence through a distinctive way of sound making.Based on the following principles,” Tape Music” thus function as a specific research tool which demonstrate local modes of social interactions, where collective consciousness become visible and audiable.

6 basic principles :
1.Artist will not organize the testing session by himself, instead he’s always invited.
2.Installation of seats in spinal (in clockwise order).
3.The artist will distribute the tape in the spinal without giving any previous instruction.
4.Artist will show the audience the video documentation of previous sessions after each performance
5.Arist will note basic imformations ( Context、Time、space、Programmers、Audience feedbacks….)
6.All the audience reaction are video documented,sounds are recorded.

Group Imformation / Reaction (to be complete)
Tomiyama Tech Limited ‭-‬‭ ‬Folk Orchestra 、Shenzhen Oratorio Society ‭ Nanyuan‭ ‬Cantonese Opera Society、Shenzhen‭ ‬Center Park‭ ‬Djembe 、‬Shenzhen Middleschool Brass Band 、Shekou Street Nansui‭ ‬Company Limited‭ – ‬Hakka Folksong Choir

Production Staff:
Camera/Light/Video Producer : Peifeng Li
Assistant ‭:Wei-Dong ‬Feng 、Wen Ou、Chi-long Liu、Steve Chen
Tech assistant :Amao、Shin-yu Lai
Installation Producer:Ya-Zu Xu

photos left from top to bottom:
Tomiyama Tech Limited ‭-‬‭ ‬Folk Orchestra 、Shenzhen Oratorio Society ‭ Nanyuan‭ ‬Cantonese Opera Society ‭
photos right from top to bottom :
Shenzhen‭ ‬Center Park‭ ‬Djembe 、‬Shenzhen Middleschool Brass Band 、Shekou Street Nansui‭ ‬Company Limited‭ – ‬Hakka Folksong Choir (photo : Wei-Dong ‬Feng)



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