1993-2009.Zero and Sound Liberation Organisation releases

Z.S.L.O. CD Releases:
1993 CD:Om-manis-padni-Hum , CD compilation ( Sound factory , HK )
1994 Z.S.L.O. Debut(Noise,Taiwan)
1994 Z.S.L.O.1.2 , cassettes(Vis-à-Vis Audio Art, Jap)
1994 Sadness being underground, VHS MV compilation(Taiwan)
1995 Blue, An Asian tribute to Derek Jarmen, CD compilation(Somnus,Can)
1997 A bride of Sevenless, CD compilation(Auscultaire.USA)
2009 An Anthrology to chinese electronic music (1992-2008),CD Compilation (Subrosa,Be)

Z.S.L.O. Film/Video Releases:
1994 Sadness underground1992-1993, VHS MV compilation(Taiwan)
1994 Z.S.L.O.1994-1998, VHS MV compilation(Taiwan)
Selected Tracks

(Live recording in Chen Chen’s cemetery /ZSLO,Ming Zeng Jiang,Tzu-Yi Hong)
Listen to the piece(MP3)

1994.Three Boughs
(from Omanispadnihum,Sound Factory Record)
Listen to the piece(MP3)

(From A bride of Sevenless,Auscultaire Record )
Listen to the piece(MP3)

1995 Live/Video – Broken-Life Festival
watch the video

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