2013.Days and Nights

A selection of Linchiwei’s sketchs between 1999-2013 under 3 Sub-themes : darkness, words and sounds

Title : Days and Nights
Shamans and Dissent / West Heavens-Artist Dispatch Project Exhibition
Time : 27/07/2013– 30/09/2013
Venue : Hanart Square : 2 Kung Yip St, Kwai Tsing,
New Territories, Hong Kong
Curator : Amy Cheng

B.  4食榴者1pomgranateeater

A. 7我要活下去 we want to survive

B.  3頹廢好色 Lascivious and Malaise

A. 5 北京西站Beijingxi Rail station

B. 10奧羅賓多aurobindo

B. 13我只要je ne veux que

C. 2 雙卍字double swaztika

C. 13魔音輪上視

C. 13HINDIversion tape 2013