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2014.Tape Music 2004-2013

Time:20 December 2014~ 17 January 2015
Venue: IT Park Gallery
Opening Concert: 20:00,20 Dec 2014


“Tape Music,” a “ primitive” interactive installation whose sounds will be defined by the random and temporal gathering of visitors , Using a 100 meter roll of ribbon with phonemes embroidered upon it , Audiences are invited to improvise the recitation in their own way, from which an ever-evolving harmonic sound mass is gradually created.


2014.“Tape Music 2004-2013 Mixer”

“Tape Music 2004-2013 Mixer” is a 32 track mixer specially made for the sound mixing of 32 “Tape Music” sessions recorded between 2004-2013 ”. Audiences are invited to mix the diversed interpretations from all over the world.
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10864243_10100166781615447_2110797970_o文潔 混音機


2004“The Red House Action” (Analog Music/Digital Music)

“i was invited by “Sounding Taipei 2004 – International Technology Art Festival” to play electronic music,and i found my name on the playlist after Carl Stone , and right before Francisco Lopez, and i thought of playing something else than laptop music ,and make a joke about the “technology art” … then i invited Shao-Yin as the main animator,help me to direct the audiences to play 4 noise instruments (distributed to the audiences during the performance) according to his signals with different flags: this is so called 4 bit digital music …. together with the 50 meters long plastic bag tube with written notation and “lyric” transferred from stage to the audience seat, left the notation open to audience interpretations, this is what we called the analogical part of it…. the result is a mixure of insultings and spontaneous noise making from the crowd…(Lin-chi-wei) ”


2004“The Night Chanting”(for TIPAF 2004)

The first “Tape Music” Tape composition based on natural harmonic quality of mandarin tones (such as the first and third tone in mandarin could form a major third, see Record of Experiments on the Four Tones” by Liu Fu,1924 )


2007. – 3 early Performances

The 3 performances correspond to 3 new Tape versions : “Roman Version”, “Swedish Version” and “French Version” (from left to right)
Click to see photos(from left to right) :
“Frindge Theatre,HongKong”
“KonstHall C,Stockholm”
“Cité des Arts,Paris”
Click to see memos(from left to right) :
“Frindge Theatre,HongKong”
“KonstHall C,Stockholm”
“Cité des Arts,Paris”


2008-2009“Notes and Manuscripts”

Click to see photos(from left to right):
Notes of harmonic study (x4) “,
“Notation-Simplified Chinese Version (x2)”, ”
Record of Experiments on the Four Tones-Liu Fu,1924 (x3)”,
Notes on Onomatopoeia(x1)”


2009 “Notes on Harmony Composition”

Click to see photos(from left to right):
Harmony Study 4
Tape Simplified Chinese Version
Harmony Study 3
Tape Thai Version
Harmony Study 5
Harmony Study 6
Harmony Study 6 in detail 1
Harmony Study 6 in detail 2


2008.Social Measurement through Sound-Puli

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puli 62-1

2009.Social Measurement through Sound-ShenZhen

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Click here to see the social measurement installation

2012.Tape Player for Shanghai Biennale

The Tape Player is the “interactive-installation” version made for 2012 Shanghai biennale.
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2012.Thai Version

Click to see photos(from left to right)
Tape Music in OCAC Bangkok
Tape Music in BACC Bangkok
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2013.Hindi Version

Click to see photos (from left to right)
Tape Hindi Version
Tape Music in KHOJ Dehli

2014.Multi-Track Version / Etude Seven Tones

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1997.Fax Music(x4)

The fax machine as image synthesizer.


2007.Balance test after “Strafkolonie Maschine”

The graphic recording of dynamic balance ,after 20 minutes of listening of “Strafkolonie Maschine“.


2008.Graphic Version

Originally designed for people unable to read.


2009.Flute Version

Originally designed for a children’s summer music camp in Beijing, Each children plays one fixed note according to the colored notation on the long ribbon,just like a music box.


2010.Polygraphs (Stereo)(x18)

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Opening Concert : assisted by Losing Sound Festival (LSF90)

1.Simplified Chinese Version
Click here for the notation
Video Click Here


2.Etude Seven Tones
Video Click Here
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8978_798349103535079_2583900843483720868_n 拷貝 amy 七音

3.Symphonie Monotone (Partition: Yves Klein)
directed by Yang-Ya-Wen
Video Click Here