2008.Tape music-Social Measurement through sound in Puli (Solo)

Venue: Distance Education Center,Chi-Nan University.Puli,Nantou,Taiwan
Time: 14-21,Apr,08
Opening: 14,Apr,08


When Tape Music is tested in different communities ; space, time, the specific gathering of people, each elements resonate with all it’s own acoustic ,sociological and psychological qualities, demonstrates their proper existence in a distinctive way of sound making.” Tape Music” thus function as a informal research tool which demonstrate local modes of social interactions, where collective consciousness turn into something visible ,and as well, audiable.

The video documentations of 6 “Tape Music” sessions with different communities in Puli were served as main materials for the installation in Jinan University.

Presented sessions:

1.Boyo Social Welfare Fondation/ 17,Nov,07
2.Creativity Workshop in Chi-Nan University/ 21,Nov,07
3.Overseas Chinese Association/25,Nov.07
4.Di-Mu(Mother earth) Temple/4,Dec
5.Tao-Yuan Elementary School/5,Dec
6.Puli City Hall/5,Dec

Boyo Social Welfare Fondation

Creativity Workshop in Chi-Nan University

Overseas Chinese Association

Di-Mu(Mother earth) Temple

Tao-Yuan Elementary School

Puli City Hal

The research project is sponsored by Chi-Nan University,Taiwan