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2014.Multi-Track Tapes – Introduction

Left to right : TicK-Tocks(2016), Minuet(2008), Sequencer Music2(2016), Etude Seven Tones(2014)

Multi-Track Tape, which mimics the working mechanism of a Multi-Track Tape Machine, can also adapt to most of the music notations (such as classic music), and automatically syncronize the performance of the players ,thus the piece can be rehearsed without the presence of the orchestra director. In the very first experiments with children aged between 6 to 7 ,Each of them was assigned to a specific pitch with a pitch-fixed flute, they simply play the note seeing the corresponding on signal on the rolling tape, thus they’re capable of playing Bach together instantly without any rehearsal. The system was tested afterward, on different composition to explore the musical potential of interhuman tape-syncronisation.

Multi-Track Tape List :

1. Minuet (Bach) – beckon version for schoolchildren,2008
2. Etude for instruments – special version for Taipei Art University,2013
3. Etude Seven Tones,2014
4. Tick-Tocks,2016
5. Sequencer Music1,2016
6. Sequencer Music2,2016
7. Calligraphic Tape1,2018
8. Chapelets,2018