2018.Calligraph (graphic score tape)

Frame by frame ,the transformations of colorful graphic patterns are embroidered on a black ribbon,which roughly represent the evolution of pitch, volume and phoneme. The tuning and tonality are left undefined, so the singers are obliged to react to one another’s sound in order to find their own role in the forming of an unknown harmony.

The original “Calligraphy” is designed for six interpreters , each of the interpreter is assigned to a specific color of scores, which corresponds also to their own relative voice type, ranked in ascending order from the lowest (bass) to the highest(sophrano) as follows: Blue, Brown, Purple, Magenta, Red and Orange.

“Calligraphy” Rehearsed by MUSARC

“Calligraphy” original score and tapes

Ribbon tape ,2019

Listen to “Calligraphy” rehearsal recording 2018

Video Manuel for Human Dynamic Coordination Models recording 2018 –
Video Production : 服裝:蔡奉瑾/助理:白永馨/攝影、燈光‭:‬廖敬堯/錄音:羅頌策/影像製作:‬陳芯宜/製作‭人:陳芯宜‬、何柏勳