Listen to “Chapelet” rehearsal recording 2018

Chapelet is the beads-based score with five circular strings of beads.The big beads represent one step,the smaller ones represent half step, Wooden beads means rest .The “Chapelet” is designed to be played by five readers ,each one with a specific string in hand according to their own voice type. The interpretation is rather distinctive ,the readers just have to count the beads on their lap through group rhythm, pronouncing the respective color of each bead ,then an ever-evolving color-tone sound poetry is emanated.

fragment of the “Chapelet” score

Video Manuel for Human Dynamic Coordination Models recording 2018 –
Video Production : 服裝:蔡奉瑾/助理:白永馨/攝影、燈光‭:‬廖敬堯/錄音:羅頌策/影像製作:‬陳芯宜/製作‭人:陳芯宜‬