2019.Tape for Gross Sounds (mono)

Tape for Gross Sounds ,2019

“Tape for Gross Sound” is inspired by hongkongnese noise musician Steve-Chan, it is designed for four groups of singers. In the context of “Tape Music” at work , it means there are always 4 notes were read at the same time, or it can be compare to a Tape player with four magnetic heads (such as Tape-Delay technology in ’70s). It results in a much less delayed effect rather then other tapes the artist had made. The chinese characters on the tape were selected from gross-sounding words in both mandarin and taiwanese, they are dismembered into scattered phonemes and rearranged to create a wavelike pattern.

Trangle Montain recording 2019 –
Video Production:攝影、燈光‭:‬林敬堯/錄音:羅頌策/影像製作:‬陳芯宜/製作‭人:陳芯宜‬、何柏勳