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2009.”Tape Music – Documentaries” in ENSBA,Paris

taiwanpics.doc-Art contemporain taiwanais
“Tape Music – Social measurement through sound” in Gallery of ENSBA paris.

Time :24/03/2009 – 03/05/2009
Venue :École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts
14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
Tel : (33-0) 1 47 03 50 00
Vernissage le 23/03/2009


“Tape Player,” a “ primitive” interactive installation whose sounds will be defined by the random and temporal gathering of visitors , Using a 120 meter roll of ribbon with phonemes embroidered upon it , Audiences are invited to improvise the recitation in their own way, from which an ever-evolving harmonic sound mass is gradually created.

click here to see video clips (measurements for 5 cities)

work list: (from left to right )

1.Tape Version7-Chinois Classique (100 m) -2006
2.Etude Harmonie 3 -2009
3.Etude Harmonie 4 -2009
4.Etude Harmonie 5 -2009
5.Etude Harmonie 6 -2009
6.Video Documentary(Stockholm2007,Paris2007,measurements for 5
cities-durée:15min) -2007
7.Notation de Tape 7- P1 -2006
8.Notation de Tape 7- P2 -2006
9.Notation de Tape 7- P3 -2006
10.Performance Diary after Konsthall C-Stockholm -2007
11.Performance Diary after Cité des Arts-Paris -2007
12.Performance Diary after Frindge theatre-Hongkong -2007
13.What is “Tape Music” / Tape Music List 21×29.7cm -2008
14.What is “Social Measurements through sound” 21×29.7cm -2008
15.”Social Measurements through sound” List 21×29.7cm -2008

和聲練習之四clear for site-thumb
Etude Harmonie 4 -2009

和聲練習之六黏clearfor site-thumb
Etude Harmonie 6 -2009

Download Documentaries
*Performance Diary after Frindge theatre-Hongkong -2007
*Performance Diary after Konsthall C-Stockholm -2007
*Performance Diary after Cité des Arts-Paris -2007
*Notation de Tape 7

see also for other imformations

What is Tape Music-Social Measurement through Sound?-A short introduction