2008.balloon Music

balloon Music

balloon music

Time:19:30, 21, Mars,2009
Venue:D22 live house,242 Chengfu Lu, WuDaoKou,
(Chinese Avant-Guard Music festival)

Instrumentation(in play order):scotch,toy trumpette,2 triangle fer,bell1,bell2, maracas,bell3,bell4,bell5,bell6,horn,flute1,horn2,horn3, aluminum platex2, bird flutex5,flute2,horn4,horn2x4,salsa,criquettex4,drum1,drum2,marimba1,marinba2,toy clavier,horn5.

A series of instruments attached with a balloon were played by the assistants on stage,then passed to the audience,who were obligated to start the concert for themselfs.

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