2019.Talking Knots

Talking Knots, 2019

A revolving cylinder releases a long black cord with successive knots, which in fact constitute a sound notation encoded in both the knot’s position and its thread type. The knot positions correspond to the timing of each note, and the thread types connote each a specific hiss/click sound. The sonification of the knots is generated by a circle of twenty-four readers , results in a swarm of tiny repetitive sound patterns, combining to build a 30 minuites chilling soundscape of a surreal marshland. “Talking Knots” is a digital sound score inspired by Quipu of Inca , which allowed people to read it by only fingers in the dark .

Talking Knots on cylinder —— Talking Knots thread types

Talking Knots original score

Trangle Montain night recording 2019 –
Video Production: 影片製作小組:攝影、燈光‭:‬廖敬堯/錄音:羅頌策/影像製作:‬陳芯宜/製作‭人:陳芯宜‬、何柏勳