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2019.Talking Knots

Talking Knots, 2019

A revolving cylinder releases a long black cord with successive knots, which in fact constitute a sound notation encoded in both the knot’s position and its thread type. The knot positions correspond to the timing of each note, and the thread types connote each a specific hiss/click sound. The sonification of the knots is generated by a circle of twenty-four readers , results in a swarm of tiny repetitive sound patterns, combining to build a 30 minuites chilling soundscape of a surreal marshland. “Talking Knots” is a digital sound score inspired by Quipu of Inca , which allowed people to read it by only fingers in the dark .

Talking Knots on cylinder —— Talking Knots thread types

Talking Knots on Cylinder

Talking Knots original score

Trangle Montain night recording 2019 –

Vocals: Pai-Che, TIAN Yi-Jhe, CHU Cheng-Ming, CHU Yen-Jen, LI Yi-Jin, LI Ming-Wei, WANG Chi, WU Hsin-ei, WU Tai-Hsun, WU Chen-Yi, WU Chi-Hsin, FAN Yu-Hsien, KO Chao-Ming, CHEN Hsiu-Tung,    HSU Ya-Hung, YU Po-Neng, HUANG Wei-Wei, YANG Yu-Chiao,         YANG Li-Jung, YANG Pao, TSAI Feng-Chin, LAI Shih-Hao,      CHUNG Yi-Hsiu, CHIEN Shang-Ju

Staff :

Project Producer & Director:CHEN Singing

Line Producer:HO Po-Hsun

On-set Production Manager: PAI Yung-Hsin, WU Yu-Chen

Camera :LIAO Ching-Yao, CHEN Singing, HUANG Yen-Hsiang

Assistant Camera:SAI Yueh-Feng, TSAI Ping-Hsuan, LIU Yi-Hsiu, CHEN Yi-Chu

Sound Recordist:LO Song-Ce

Boom Operator :CHEN Wo-Chun

Gaffer:WEI Hu-Hsien

Lighting Assistant: SUN Ta-Chun, HSU Fu-Chia, HSU Wen-Yao, CHUANG Chih-Yuan, LI Wen-Tsung

Electrician :Sheming video&film, WANG Ming-Fu

Grip :CHEN Jen-Chih, HSU Chia-Ju

Dresser :TSAI Feng-Chin

Camera Equipment :Lensbank CO. ,LTD.

Lighting Equipment :Leader Entertainment CO., LTD

Grip Equipment :Yung-Siang video&film CO. ,LTD

Color Grading:Content Digital Film Co., LTD

Sound Post-Production / Sound Engineer::Eric LA CASA, Taku UNAMI

Wood/Metal  works: HSU Wei-Ting、HUANG Min-I

A/V Production : The Walkers Films

Exhibition Installation: Art War Company

Artist :                                                                   

Original Score: LIN Chi-Wei                                                                                                                                  Video / Sound / Objects : LIN Chi-Wei

Sponsored by

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab – 2019 CREATORS Program

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

*Talking Knots Version History

beta1.0, Juin 2018 (fragemented version) ,

beta1.1, Aug 2018 (Reduced version) ,

beta1.2, Aug,2019 (Coloured Version for Centre Pompidou )