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2015.Visionary 1/2

Visionary 1/2

Body Art Stories – Marina Abramovic & the Others
Date: July 18 – Oct 18, 2015
Opening: 2015.07.18, 13:00PM
Venue: KaoHsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Galleries 101-103


VISIONARY1 / Gu-Ling Theatre / 2005

“I will walk on your head in 10 minutes!!”, the masked man screams while recording himself. Reversed and played then recorded again on a second recorder, this play-recording process repeats itself between two recorders until the original sound decays and eventually transforms into harsh noise. Then the masked man leaves one player play repetitively.

The masked man begins to gyrate his body like seaweed in the ocean, undulating forward and backward with his feet firmly in one place on the floor. He then turns back toward the video projection screen where his own balancing image was projected. It is difficult for the audience to know if it is real-time projection or the masked man imitating his own gestures.

The masked man then takes off his plastic gloves and raises his arms like that of a catholic priest in the pulpit. A stage assistant paints Nazi swastikas on both of his hands. He approaches the audience, shakes hands with them and writes swastikas on the audience in the front row. This icon is transfer into a Buddhist swastika (卍). Screaming sounds from the audience rises higher as the masked man makes his way towards the exit by walking on top of the heads of the seated audience.(translation:Esther Lu)

VISIONARY2 / White Water Theatre / 2005

In a room that reeks of strong herbal smoke, the audience sees a hand from inside a window pressing the play button of a portable cassette player. A recorded junky-like narrator’s sound is heard. Lin Chi-Wei appears in an S&M suit with a mask on his head making strange gyrating movements with raised hands and waving body. The narrator talks about the failure of the previous night’s performance and promises an improved presentation tonight. Light bulb, sound recorder, electric chair is well designed to prevent the tragedy of Auschwitz happen again the narrator tells the audience, he is ready to “impress” the audience and bring them “to the new life”. One by one the audience finds the two bare bronze cables attached on their seat is actually an electric chair design and it is in fact not just a joke. Sopped the waving movements, Lin Chi-Wei takes off the mask then climbs on the ladder to switch on the central power supply which gives 3 electro-shocks to individual seats in the audience in the sudden darkness. Harsh white noise is heard after the final count down. When the lights are turned on again, Lin Chi-Wei appears in a suit and distributes dried plants in small zip-lock bags. (translation: Yeh-Wei-Li)

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