2001 Video Hole 3-La jouissance obscène d’une Machine-Parlante

La jouissance obscène d’une Machine-Parlante / 2001

3 Channels Video Installation(7min )
35mm film transfered to DV
First exposed in Panorama / Le Fresnoy / Lille / France / 2001

La jouissance obscène d’une machine parlante(The obscure pleasure of the speaking-machine) ‬is the name of a Audio-Visual installation I did for the Panorama exposition in national studio of contemporary art in France ( 2001 ), The original materials were founded in the trash can of army cinema house when I was in military service(in Taiwan) , it’s a whole bunch of nationalist propaganda film of 60s,with the imges such as military parade in front of Chiang-Kai-Chek .

This installation is composed of 3 principal images:
1.Machine gun (Firing along at night)
2.Wood grinder (crushing the woods) :
Shoot on super-8mm,the image represents the machine devouring the woods.
3.Military acts (war game):

Editing work was under the subliminal principle , which contents at least 3 different images in a second of film,different images interact in a mechanical manner,Function generator and Audio filter were used to interfere the original image,to create certain “waveforms” on the image.

Watching the images continuously devouring by the grinding machine give a strange impression to the observers that their views were as well disappearing in the Hole on the the middle of the screen. it’s a reverse to the “Machinegun-camera” on the fighter airplane,where “watch Kills” is no more a metaphor ,the observer’s view in “La jouissance obscène d’une machine parlante” is nothing but the victime, and the line between subjectivity and objectivity is no more clear.